Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I place an order?
1) By Phone: Toll Free (800) 381-5335 or local (905) 637-3862
2) By Fax: (905) 637-8841
3) By E-Mail:
4) By Mail:
Mars Metal Company
4140 Morris Drive
Burlington, Ontario
L7L 5L6, Canada

5) By RFQ: Complete our form and we will get back to you ASAP.

What are my payment options or methods?

1) For Established Customers we will open a Business Account, conduct a credit review and offer terms of NET 30 days from date of our invoice, based on maintaining your account in good standing. Accounts that have not been active for twelve months will be subject to a review of credit & terms.

Opening an account requires a Mars Metal credit application to filled in full and returned. Allow our credit department 2-3 days for processing. Ensure the form is complete with four credit references and their fax numbers. Incomplete or missing information will delay or reject your application. Quoted shipping dates commence from receipt of credit approval, not from receipt of an order unless credit is already approved. Our standard business terms on approved credit are Net 30 days from date of invoice. No other terms will be accepted unless notified in writing and approved by Mars Metal’s credit department at time of ordering.

2) Mars Metal accepts Visa, MasterCard & Amex credit cards (Canadian or US) for payments of up to $10,000 CAD in value. For your convenience, all payments are processed online via our secure payment portal. We will send you an email with a link to a secure location where you can view your invoice and process your credit card payment. *

3) Mars Metal accepts certified cheques or credit card payments (PIN required) when orders are picked up at our location. Cash on delivery cannot be accommodated.

4) For International Customers, outside of Canada or the USA, we accept wire transfer to our bank account and regret that we are unable to provide any credit or terms.

NOTE: A CREDIT CARD FEE OF 2.75% WILL APPLY. Alternatively, we accept debit, e-transfer, and wire transfers with no added fees.

All payments will be made in Canadian or USA funds as per our quotation. A processing fee may be added to your order. Banks at your end and our end may assess additional fees or other charges, which we will not be responsible for unless specifically written into our quotation. If paying by wire transfers please contact our credit or sales department for bank routing instructions and other information. We will process your order on the receipt of the wire money transfer.

What are your Shipping, crating and delivery methods?
Mars Metal has a variety of shipping methods available, normally most items will be shipped in closed van-type trucks for small or lighter loads and larger, heavier, bulkier loads will go via flatbed trucks. Quotations that include freight are based on these types of trucks therefore our customers must have a receiving dock to off load product or a means of off loading from either style of truck. Freight can be shipped via trucks with Tailgate loaders pending weights at an additional cost (Note: most items will be shipped in cardboard boxes or palletized). Certain items will be crated in order to protect them in the handling while be shipped. This will be clearly mentioned in our quotation otherwise is not included. Crating is always done for lead glass and acrylic. These crates are built in a certain way in order to maximize the protection and are clearly marked on the crate for handling. Glass crates must always be shipped standing up and never laid flat or stacked upon. Lead sheets or rolls are palletized and not crated. At an extra cost we suggest crating them to protect them while in transit. Mars Metal protects all items within reason and cost for shipments to its customers. At an additional cost we can offer full crating or better packaging to get the maximum protection. Unless detailed shipping instructions are specified on all orders, we reserve choice or the method of transportation and whether to make partial shipments. Any special handling at the destination is the responsibility of the customer.
What is your minimum order?
Our minimum billing order or credit card transaction which we will accept, excluding taxes or shipping, is $500.00.
Can I get quantity discounts?
We will offer quantity discounts on certain items that we stock, when ordered on the same order, shipped to the same location and for the same identical item. Please check with our sales department for verification. We will review all inquiries regarding discounts on large quantity purchases, and will work diligently in trying to achieve the most competitive pricing available.
How is your pricing structured?
All pricing is net, except where quantity discounts are shown. All written quotation pricing is held firm for a two week period from the original date of the quotation, unless otherwise specified. Pricing beyond the 14-day period is subject to change due to fluctuations in raw material costs, transportation costs and currency exchange rates. Should quantities change from the original quotation, a re-quote will be necessary. Pricing is shown in Canadian or USA currency only. Mars Metal does not offer pricing in any other foreign currencies.
What about Sales and Local Taxes?
Mars Metal is obligated to collect where applicable Sales Tax on all items in Canadian only and the tax amount will depend on the province and applicable taxes for the province. Mars Metal does not collect any USA or foreign sales tax for any items.
What are your policies for freight claims?

All freight terms and conditions will be stated in your quotation and order confirmation. The freight terms will legally determine who is responsible for freight claims and are as follows:

FOB Mars Metal or FOB Origin or FOB Burlington, Ontario – Mars Metal is responsible for loading the truck only, at which point risk and title are passed to the customer. All damage, cargo loss and liability are the responsibility of the customer regardless of who arranges or pays for the freight.

FOB Destination – Mars Metal is responsible for goods in transit until it crosses the dock at the destination at which point all risk and title are passed onto the customer. Damage, cargo loss and liability are the responsibility of Mars Metal until it transfers from truck to loading dock. Freight claims would be processed by Mars Metal. Liability is limited to the actual value of the product only. All claims must be reported to Mars Metal within 48 hours and the bill of lading must be marked “DAMAGED”. The damaged goods must remain unprocessed and quarantined until freight inspected or freight inspection waived by Mars Metal.

ExWorks – Used for international shipments outside of Canada and the USA; Mars Metal is responsible for loading the truck only, at which point risk and title are passed to the customer. All damage, cargo loss and liability are the responsibility of the customer. All freight charges, customs charges, customs paperwork, duties, VATs, dock charges, etc. are the responsibility of the customer.

What about duties and brokerage charges?
All shipments designated for the USA will include all duties, brokerage and disbursement charges applicable to custom clearances, unless specifically excluded in our quotation. All international shipments will be carefully specified in our quotations on what charges are included or excluded.
What do I do about returning goods?
Mars Metal Company does not accept any return merchandise without prearranged approval and a Return Authorization Number. Please call sales department for authorization and return number if warranted. Accounts will not be credited until merchandise has been returned and approved as acceptable for resale as new. Any items older than 30 days from original shipping date will not be accepted. We do not accept C.O.D. or special fabricated items back. All custom products or non-standards are considered final sales and are non returnable.
How do you handle credit balances?
All credit balances that may have been issued must be applied within one (1) year of its issuance. If not applied or requested within this period, any outstanding balances will be forfeited or subject to a cancellation, and Mars Metal will not be subject to any further liability.
What is your F.O.B. Point?

MarsMetal’s quotations and order confirmations will clearly state the FOB Point. Usually, the following FOB terms are given on our quotations based on the customer’s preference. FOB means “Free On Board” and indicates the point at which the title and risk passes onto the customer. For example,

FOB Mars Metal, FOB Origin indicates that title passes to the customer once it crosses from our dock onto the truck. Thereafter, all risk and title including damage, cargo loss and liability are the responsibility of the customer. All freight claims are the responsibility of the customer.

FOB Destination indicates that title passes to the customer once it transfers from the truck and onto their loading dock. Therefore, all risk and title including damage, cargo loss and liability are the responsibility of MarShield and all freight claims shall be processed by Mars Metal.

What are your General Terms and Conditions of Sale?

General: All orders for product manufactured or supplied by Mars Metal a division of Marswell Metal Industries Ltd., (Herein after referred to as the Company) shall be subject to these conditions of sale. Price quotations by the company are subject to change without notice, are not effective unless signed by an authorized sales person of the company and expire thirty (30) days from their date. No modifications or additional conditions, either oral or written, will be binding on the company unless agreed to in writing and signed by an authorized officer of the company.

Taxes and Government Regulations: Company’s prices do not include sales, excise or similar taxes, resulting from governmental tax or regulation of industry. The purchaser shall pay in addition to the company’s price the amount of any such taxes that the company is required to pay.

Payments and Terms: Payment is to be made in Canadian or USA funds as specified, terms shall be Net 30 days from the date of the invoice, unless otherwise stated in the quotation and will be subject to the company’s credit approval. If all of the shipment is not shipped at the same time, payments shall become due on a pro rata basis for partial shipments. Any default in payment shall excuse the company from further performance under all contracts with the purchaser. All payments not received within the 30-day period or otherwise specified are subject to a 2% per month financing charge. (24% per annum).

All prices are quoted are in Canadian or USA funds as specified unless otherwise stated in the quotation.

Prices quoted do not include set up, extra packaging or special or international crating unless otherwise stated in the quotation.

Acceptance: No order or other proposal shall be binding upon the company until accepted in writing by an authorized officer of the company.

Changes: The Company will not accept changes to specifications unless the purchaser agrees in writing to pay in addition to the original purchase price a sum to be determined by the company.

Cancellation: In as much as the product will be provided for the purchaser’s specific purposes, any order when placed with, and accepted by the company, is not subject to cancellation except by mutual agreement. Cancellations if accepted by the company are subject to reasonable charges, based on expenses incurred by the company. Cancellation charges are usually based on material and labour completed on contract date of cancellation with a minimum charge of 15% of the total contract.

Delivery: Dates of delivery are contingent upon production schedules at the time of an order is placed and is approximate only, but the company will attempt to meet them where possible. The company shall not be liable for delays in manufacture or delivery, or failure to manufacturer or deliver due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to strikes, riots, fires, accidents, governmental interference, embargoes, material shortage, fuel, labour, supplies or transportation, or due to any cause of a like or different nature beyond its control. Demurrage charges or expenses of protecting and storing the product prior to installation, unless otherwise stated, shall be for the purchaser’s account.

Risk and Title: Product shall be at the risk of the purchaser from the time of delivery to the carrier and the company is not responsible for any damage to or loss of product occurring thereafter. Title to the product shall not pass to the purchaser until payment has been made in full, any default in payment shall entitle the company to retake possession thereof.

Warranty: Where applicable and only where it is specifically stipulated in our proposal the company warrants the product against defects in material and workmanship for a predetermined and specified period as warranted by the extent of the company or original manufacturer. Where claims for defects are made, the defective equipment, part or parts shall be delivered to the point of manufacturer, freight, duty, brokerage if applicable prepaid, for inspection. The purchaser shall be solely responsible for dismantling and reinstallation of the product, parts or equipment in question if applicable. The company accepts no liability for special or consequential damage or claims for expenditures or losses arising from operational losses or work stoppages caused by defective product or parts. The company will replace or repair free of charge the product, equipment or parts FOB purchaser if it has been determined that the equipment or parts in question are found to be defective, provided that the purchaser informs the company immediately and no repairs or alterations have been performed by the purchaser or third party without prior consent and written approval by the company. The company is not liable under the warranty for damages caused by improper installation or use of equipment or products beyond its normal intended use. The company is not liable under this warranty for consequential damages, claims, expenditures or losses arising from operational delays or work stoppages caused by defective product, equipment or parts. Except for the forgoing, no warranty, express, implied, or statutory is made by the company.

Inspections: The Company accepts no liability for inspections or other fees all locally applicable certificates or approval requirements are the responsibility of the purchaser. The purchaser shall make all such necessary arrangements with the local authorities at his or hers own expense. Please note the following is not included unless specifically stated or itemized in the company’s quotation all other materials, parts, items or products not mentioned. The crating or palletizing of products, materials or items for the protection of goods not mentioned or, applicable provincial /state/city/town or municipality local taxes and or permits.