Extruded Lead/Pipe/Bar

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Mars Metal Company, Specialty Casting Division is your supplier for extruded lead pipe and bar products. The extrusion process provides a very accurate shape that is very dense. The pressures necessary for extruding pipes or shapes ensures very little porosity in the lead and it provides a very smooth and consistent surface.  Various alloys are available from pure at 99.97% through various copper, tin and antimony alloys in varying percentages. The low melting temperature of lead, high density, corrosion-resistance, malleability and relative low cost make it attractive for use in many applications.

Extruded Lead Pipe

Our extruded lead pipe is available in standard sizes from .375” OD through 10” OD with uniform wall thicknesses. Pipe from .375” OD through 1.5” OD is available coiled while 2” OD through 10” OD is available in up to 10’ lengths packed in fiber tubes for protection and straightness. Lead pipes are generally, but not exclusively, used for carrying acids and corrosive chemicals or for sheathing sensitive communication cable runs for waterproofing purposes.

Extruded Lead Bar

Our inventory of extrusion dies is extensive and includes round, ribbed, elliptical, rectangular, and square and is available in various lengths. Extruded lead bar has many applications. Challenge us and let us produce the size and alloy that perfectly suits your requirements. If the extrusion dies aren’t part of our inventory then we can produce one to suit your needs.

Extruded Lead/Pipe/Bar Information Sheet
Stock Dies for Extruding Lead