Bridge Weights

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Mars Metal Company is capable of pattern-making and mold-making to provide you with complex, lead bridge weight castings, straight lead fills into your fabricated or cast housing(s) or providing a complete, turn-key, fully-encapsulated bridge weights ready to install. We can design and fabricate steel canisters, fill with lead to your desired weight specification, weld any pour holes closed, surface-grind any projecting weld beads, primer paint and final coat.

Due to the extreme density of lead we are able to maximize the bridge weight in the smallest space possible. Lead is approximately 45% more dense than steel so by utilizing lead you are able to make the maximum use of the space available to you.

Mars Metal Company has provided valuable input to architects and engineers in solving the complicated problems associated with the counterweights necessary to counterbalance lift and swing bridges. Each application is different and requires a custom solution. Sometimes these solutions require large production runs of individual weights that can be man-handled into place and sometimes they require very large, one-off castings moved into place with heavy lift material handling equipment.

Our talented and capable sales and engineering staff will work with you to design a solution, manufacture the required weight(s) and deliver them to the site when you need them.

Bridge Weight Information Sheet