Aerospace Test Weights

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Aerospace Test Weights Ballast Bags
Lead Shot Test Weights Container
25lb Lead Shot Ballast Bag

Before any new or modified aircraft design leaves the ground carrying passengers it must first undergo rigid testing to ensure the safety of the design. Many of the components are tested to destruction so areas like the wings and tail sections can experience the maximum design stresses and prove the design parameters are being met. Other applications for test weights in the aerospace industry include in-flight testing for uneven loading and load shifting and taxiway evaluation to simulate full loads for brake testing under a variety of situations.

Mars Metal Company, Specialty Casting Division provides an industry-approved, easy-to-handle weight to satisfy this requirement. Each weight consists of 25 lbs of lead shot sewn into a denier nylon bag for destructive testing applications or a ballistic nylon bag treated with flame retardant to exceed industry standards for actual in-flight testing applications.

Aerospace Test Weight Information Sheet