Test Weights

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Test Weight Solutions

Mars Metal Specialty Casting Division designs and produces standard and custom lead test weights that help ensure the safety of elevators, aircraft and cranes/hoists. Our products exceed industry standards for all of your testing applications.

  • Elevator Test Weights
    Elevator Test Carts

    Elevator test weights are essential for ensuring the safety of the elevators that we take for granted in our daily lives.

  • Aerospace Test Weights
    Aerospace Test Weights

    Before any new or modified aircraft design leaves the ground carrying passengers it must first undergo rigid testing to ensure the safety of the design.

  • Crane Test Weights
    Crane/Hoist Test Weights

    Lead crane / hoist test weights are used in the periodic re-certification of lifting equipment.

  • Steel Crane/Hoist Test Weights
    Steel Crane/Hoist Test Weights

    Mars Metal Company, Specialty Casting Division is able to work with you to design any configuration of Stackable Steel Test Weights.