Custom Castings

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Mars Metal Company, Specialty Casting Division, has a wealth of experience in turning your custom casting requirements into reality. We have the capability of producing high precision castings to nuclear quality specifications to achieve the maximum density possible from a lead casting. We can produce custom, one-off’s and production runs in any quantity you desire from less than one pound to continuous pours in excess of 150,000 LBS. We have done art castings using the lost wax process and very basic lead fills into canisters provided by you for simple “heavy metal” requirements. For complicated projects we are able to supply pattern making capabilities and mold making so you can get the exact shape and weight that you require. We can supply machined all over parts in one-off’s and production runs and, if requested, we can provide finished parts painted to your specifications.Our talented sales and engineering staff are able to assist in all facets of your project from design to delivery of your requirement.