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Elevator test weights are essential for ensuring the safety of the elevators that we take for granted in our daily lives. We see them everywhere, we use them without thought or worry (at least most of us) and we take it for granted that they are safe.

Elevator test weight carts are a critical component in the testing and certification of elevators. Elevator service and repair companies use them regularly and we supply them to the industry.

Each cart is engineered specifically for the elevator industry and is designed with safety, serviceability and durability in mind. Each unit weighs 500 LBS and is balanced for ease of handling. The cart itself weighs 100 LBS and comes with eight, ergonomically-shaped 50 LB weights. Our test carts consist of a rigidly constructed box section fabricated from 1/4” steel plate and 1¼” schedule 40 steel pipe. The wheels on this cart are a steel core with solid rubber tires and have roller bearings and grease fittings. The cart is painted safety red using an OSHA oxide paint. All carts are equipped with a ¾” diameter steel rod designed to accept a padlock that protects the individual test weights from theft.

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Mars Metal Company, Specialty Casting Division has a broad range of casting capabilities and can provide custom weights to meet your exact requirement. Challenge us and let us help solve your test weight problems.

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