Commercial Elevator Counterweights

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New elevator construction is not usually done with lead counterweights but when the end user wants or needs to increase an existing elevator’s capacity, it requires a new counterweight. Rarely is there room on the counterweight to increase the stack height due to head room restrictions. This is where lead is an invaluable product to solve the problem. Because lead is so much more dense than steel – approximately 45% greater – the company performing the upgrade is able to remove the existing steel or cast iron weights until they reach the point where a corresponding stacked height of lead counterweights will provide the necessary weight to counterbalance the new weight capacity. Each weight that the contractor removes is being replaced with a weight that is 45% heavier. Re-counterweighting the elevator becomes a simple math problem. Lead is often the only substitute that will do the job.

Steel Counterweights

Mars Metal also manufactures steel counterweights according to the size and shape requirements of the client.

  • Custom sizes and Standard OEM weights are available in any quantity

  • Production cut steel plates from Cobble, Secondary Plate, and Coil provide you with the lowest costs along with the highest quality

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Contact us and let us work out the solution for you. Our talented and capable sales and engineering staff will work with you to design a solution, manufacture the required weight(s) and deliver them to the site when you need them. Challenge us and let us show you what we can do to solve your counterweight problems and smooth the path to completion.

Commercial Elevator Weight Information Sheet