Window Sash Weights

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Lead window sash weights are becoming the choice by many contractors over steel cast weights due to the space savings obtained. Lead is approximately 40% smaller in size than steel and lead is non rusting material. Lead counterweights can also be easily cut on site if required and reused for other weights.

Mars Metal provides a wide range of cast and extruded lead window weights, designed to facilitate the balancing of window sashes. We produce lead window counterbalance weights for both traditional and modern double glazed units. The variety of sizes we offer provides the flexibility in ensuring the optimal balance is met.

Features of our Window Sash Weights:

  • Custom sizes to meet your exact needs
  • Available in round, square or rectangular sections to your desirable length
  • Provided with or without centre holes

*Extruded stock sizes are subject to available stock dies

We accept orders for a minimum of $500.00 (Excluding taxes and freight) from commercial accounts to be used in industrial, nuclear, medical, veterinary, scientific research, military, and national defence, etc. applications.

Window Sash Weights Information Sheet