Damper Weights

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Mars Metal damper weights work to counteract the affects of vibration. Vibration, as perceptible mechanical vibrations can be generated by many sources:

  • Transportation sources such as subways
  • Heavy truck traffic or street cars
  • Machinery in buildings such as HVAC units
  • People in buildings such as dancing, aerobics, chanting or cheering
  • Even the wind which can cause buildings to sway.

These vibrations can generate unwanted structure-borne sound, and in severe cases can cause damage to the structure itself.

Dampers can have several forms: seismic isolation dampers; tuned mass dampers; vibration control dampers, but the common thread to all of them is that they are very large, heavy weights that move in opposition to the frequency of the vibration or oscillations that the structure is experiencing.

Lead damper weights utilize the extreme density of lead to make the damper weight as compact as possible, and being a non-ferrous metal they will not rust. Mars Metal Company, Specialty Casting Division has experience with counterweights of every description and we are able to work with you to provide the weight factor and compactness that makes lead-filled damper weights so desirable.

Let Mars Metal provide the damper weight solution you need in order to minimize unwanted and potentially destructive vibrations. Mars Metal Company, Specialty Casting Division has worked with many customers to provide them with the “cooperative solutions” they require. Challenge us and let us show you what we can do to solve your counterweight problems.

Damper Weights Information Sheet