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Mars Metal – Specialty Casting Division is a division of Mars Metal Company, a lead casting, lead fabrication, and finishing facility. Established in 1979, Mars Metal Company manufactures specialized lead products for customers in a variety of industries worldwide.

Along with these customer driven designs, we manufacture and supply medical/x-ray/radiation shielding products for our MarShield Division, which includes the nuclear, medical, veterinary, and dental industries.


In our Specialty Casting Division, many of our products are the castings our customers have requested. Our services include pattern making, mold manufacturing, custom and production casting (production and one-off), welding, metal fabrication, surface finishing, priming and painting. We supply counterweights, lead pigs and ingots, alloyed lead, custom shot bags, nuclear certified lead castings and more. From concept to design through to project completion, Mars Metal prides itself on working cooperatively with it’s customers to develop products that meet their needs and quality requirements. Custom designed pouring and fabrication procedures are in place to produce quality castings and radiation shielding products.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our evolution in superior technologies and applications began with our precision keel casting for custom and production sailboat builders. MarsKeel Technology provides design support, metallurgical consultation, and rigid adherence to specifications that keel manufacturing demands. This business segment provides Mars Metal with a depth of knowledge that is readily applied in our industrial casting and fabrication applications.

At Mars Metal, our diverse production facilities include capabilities of producing precision lead castings from less than 1 lb. to over 250,000 lbs in single, continuous pours.

Our customer driven focus allows us to excel at all aspects of customer service including component scheduling, on time delivery, design support, and material consultation, that is unparalleled in our industry. Our worldwide shipping services, efficiently expedites our products to every corner of the globe.

Safe Material Policy

At Mars Metal we recognize our responsibility to provide leadership in the provision of a safe and healthy working environment. We are certified by the Ministry of the Environment.

Guiding Principles

Mission Statement

It is our Mission at Mars Metal Company to provide service to our customers to the highest possible standard. We will strive to supply products that exceed our client’s expectations in design, quality, and reliability.

Corporate Values

  • Always produce high quality products
  • Excel in customer satisfaction
  • Always provide respectable communication
  • Always practice ethical business standards
  • Safe material handling, recycling and environmental controls at all times

Our quality management system is certified to both ISO 9001:2015 and CSA N299.3-16.


Additional Mars Metal Company Divisions

MarsKeel – www.marskeel.com
MarShield – www.marshield.com

Us Government Contract Requirements

Mars Metal is a long-term supplier to many US Government Agencies. Products manufactured by Mars Metal in Canada, a qualifying country under the Trade Agreements Act, compete on an equal basis with U.S.-made products, as outlined in Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 25 and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Part 225.


Year Award / Achievement Division
1994 Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Export Merit Award Mars Metal
1995 Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Export Achievement Award Mars Metal & MarsKeel
1995 Ontario Top 100 Entrepreneurs of the Year : Ontario Business Report Kevin Milne, CEO
1996 Ontario Top 100 Entrepreneurs of the Year : Ontario Business Report Kevin Milne, CEO
2000 Blue Ribbon Award of Honour in recognition of philanthropic partnership with Hospital for Sick Children Mars Metal Company
2002 Babcock & Wilcox Award for Outstanding Performance and dedication of a Supplier Mars Metal
2008 Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Manufacturing Award Mars Metal Company
2011 Certificate of Achievement to Environmental Leadership and Sustainabilty Mars Metal Company
2012 Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Manufacturing Award Marshield
2016 Awarded Tier1 Supplier to Darlington / Bruce Power Facilities MarShield
2019 Awarded and Accredited NEW ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Mars Metal Company/MarShield
2020 Awarded and Accredited CSA N299.3-16 Quality Assurance Standard Mars Metal Company/MarShield

What our clients have to say …

I had contacted several other companies looking for a quote to no avail! Except for you guys … you responded right away with a fast quote at a great price. Thank you for your great service.