May 2022

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  • Case Study: Tungsten Custom Shielding Plates for CT Scanner Project

    MarShield, a division of Mars Metal, has been working to create custom pin hole plates for a CT scanner for the Department of Radiology of University of Chicago Urbana Campaign and University of Pennsylvania. The plates were designed by U of Penn and in coordination with University of Illinois. MarShield has been working to bring […]

  • Elevator Weights Retro-Fit Options

    Elevator test weights are essential for ensuring the safety of the elevators that we take for granted in our daily lives. We see elevators everywhere; we use them without thought or worry (at least most of us) and we take it for granted that they are safe. In practice, elevators work in a slightly different way from […]

  • Mars Metal: Providing Advanced, Innovative Production Technology & Extensive Process Capacity

    The experienced Mars Metal team is dedicated to advancing production technology and developing new methods and materials for pattern construction, custom molding design and production methods. We offer innovative solutions for all your specific requirements, and if we don’t already have a solution that meets your needs, you can request a quote, and we can […]