Case Study: Tungsten Custom Shielding Plates for CT Scanner Project

MarShield, a division of Mars Metal, has been working to create custom pin hole plates for a CT scanner for the Department of Radiology of University of Chicago Urbana Campaign and University of Pennsylvania. The plates were designed by U of Penn and in coordination with University of Illinois. MarShield has been working to bring this project to life for over a year. The plates were built to print, and we have working to provide manufacturing guidance and quotes for each design iteration.

Fabrication of 6 plates made with one of the hardest materials, Tungsten alloy, were created with multiple intact features and tight dimensional requirements for SPECT Scanner. MarShield determined the right cutting and machining tools for the job as the most dense and hard tungsten alloy in class was being used in the production of this project. The team Analyzed all the features which were to be machined and validated the tools by conducting a dry run, ironing out these changes.

Product Specifications & Construction Details

MarShield engineered and produced six specific plates of Tungsten made with Tungsten 97WNiFe – Class 4 alloy. Each plate has a custom hole pattern machined into the surface. This project started out with a single plate and evolved into six individual pieces. The project requirements included tight ultimate plate tolerances of +/- 0.1 mm and very tight specific machined tolerances of +/- .05 degrees for the angular edges of the plates.

Product Overview/Specifications

Dimensions: 523mm x 236mm x 12.7mm –

Weight: 24.8 kg

Density: 18.43 g/cm³

Material: Tungsten 97WNiFe – Class 4 alloy

  • 60 holes – 52 counter bore holes at various depths
  • Two keyway slots at full length of 236mm


Despite multiple challenges, we were able to come through and deliver the multiple Tungsten sheets on time and meet the client’s deadline. Tungsten is one of the hardest elements available, but it has the best properties for this application. However, it can be very challenging to machine and process and pushes the cutting and machining tools to their limit. The customer was impressed and very pleased with the tolerance results achieved. Our ability to manage projects and assist with customer decisions resulted in another successful shielding project.

MarShield is an experienced and trusted partner providing quality Custom Radiation Shielding Products for radiation shielding solutions in Medical and Nuclear Industries. If you’d like a quote on a custom project, contact our team and a representative will be in touch.