Babbitt Alloys

Mars Metal Company, Specialty Casting Division supplies various grades of Babbitt alloys which include leaded, lead-free and nickel bearing. Our Babbitt alloys are available in bar and ingot form. Further, Mars Metal supplies custom and discontinued Babbitt alloys.

Custom orders are available upon request and always welcome. Minimum order will apply. Please contact us for your specialized requirements.

SDS Sheets are available upon request.

Mars Metal carries the following Babbitt Alloys:

    • Leaded
    • Lead-free
    • Nickel Bearing
    • ASTM B-23 Grade #1
    • ASTM B-23 Grade #2
    • ASTM B-23 Grade #3
    • ASTM B-23 Grade #7
    • ASTM B-23 Grade #8
    • ASTM B-23 Grade #11
    • ASTM B-23 Grade #13
    • ASTM B-23 Grade #15
    • Traylor #1 (60Sn/24Pb/14Sb/2Cu)
    • Grade #5 (65Sn/18Pb/15Sb/2Cu)
    • Grade #6 (20Sn/63.5Pb/15Sb/1.5Cu)
    • Grade #11R (88.5Sn/7.5Sb/3Cu/1Cd)
    • Bar and ingot form
    • Custom and discontinued Babbitt alloys available
    • Minimum order quantities may apply 

 The Periodic Table of Elements is available for your reference in our resource section.


Notch Bar Spec Drawing
Handy Pick Ingot Spec Drawing
Babbitt Alloy Information Sheet


Specifications ASTM B-23 Alloys

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  1. All values not given as ranges are maximum unless shown otherwise
  2. Alloy Number 9 was discontinued in 1946 and numbers 4, 5,6,10,11,12,16 and 19 were discontinued in 1959.
    A new number 11.
    Similar to SAE Grade 11 was added in 1966.
  3. To be determined by difference