Forklift Counterweights and Additions

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MarsMetal manufactures custom and production Forklift Counterweights to satisfy your specific requirements. Forklift types that commonly utilize counterweights are the stand-up rider and sit-down counter-balanced forklifts. Sit-down counter-balanced types commonly place counterweights in between or behind the rear wheels. Counterweights are used to secure a proper weight distribution and maintain stability, to prevent the vehicle from tipping over and to ensure the safety performance of the vehicle.

There are two main groups of forklift counterweights :

  • Bulk type: Specifically designed hollow body part at back end or between wheels that for space savings is typically lead filled.
  • Stack type: Cast metal housings / steel canisters or metal plates designed to stack onto a base plate. Stacking or removing enables configuration for maximum lift weight.


  • Complex lead counterweight castings for OEM’s
  • Straight lead fills into your fabricated or cast housings
  • All steel and lead filled counterweight additions
  • Designed and fabricated to suit your application

Lead Filled Forklift Counterweights and Counterweight Additions

  • When size matters, choose lead filled
  • Lead is approximately 45% more dense than steel
  • Counterweight or Addition can be smaller, shorter, narrower,etc.

All Steel Forklift Counterweight Additions

  • When size is less of an issue, choose all steel
  • All steel counterweight additions are generally lower cost than lead filled additions

Forklift Counterweight Information Sheet