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  • Industrial

    Mars Metal provides a wide range of lead products to the industrial marketplace: lead filled counterweights for forklifts and other material handling equipment, sheet lead for sound proofing, and lead shielding solutions for non-destructive testing, as well as variety of lead ingots and solders.

  • Nuclear

    Our MarShield division has considerable experience in nuclear lead castings and nuclear lead pours. We have proven ourselves to be leaders in the field by helping companies from the first stages of product development right though to a completed, lead filled component. Other products for the nuclear energy and nuclear research sector include Silfex, a non-leaded alternative, and lead wool blankets.

  • Medical

    Our MarShield division provides an extensive line of radiation shielding, storage, and protection solutions to hospitals, x-ray clinics, dental offices, chiropractors, veterinarians, and medical laboratories.  MarShield products for the medical sector include x-ray barriers, lead-lined storage containers, lead glass, lead lined curtain systems, sheet lead, lead bricks, borated polyethylene, personal protection products and more.

  • Aerospace

    Whether lead is required for ballast, stress testing, or simulating the weight of passengers and cargo, Mars Metal is a leading supplier to the aerospace industry.  Products include custom lead castings, lead bricks and ingots, and lead shot bags.  Our lead shot bags are available in regular woven polypropylene, denier nylon, or ballistic nylon.

  • Construction

    Mars Metal supplies an extensive line of lead products to contractors and others in the construction industry.  Whether you require lead for weight, radiation shielding, waterproofing, sound proofing, roofing and plumbing, or even decorative enhancement, Mars Metal has a lead solution for your next construction project.

  • Defence and Security

    Mars Metal provides large, custom-designed lead test weights to military bases and naval ship yards.  Likewise, our MarShield division provides custom radiation shielding solutions, such as lead-lined booths and lead x-ray conveyor curtains, to military checkpoints and airport security.

  • Marine

    Mars Metal provides the marine industry with lead shot, lead ingots, lead bricks, and custom lead castings to be used as ballast.  Our MarsKeel division is a global leader in the design and manufacture of custom lead keels up to 200,000 lbs.