Lead Ingot & Lead Pigs From Mars Metal

Ingot lead can also be known as lead pigs, bullion or bar lead and is used for various applications, including radiation shielding and as ballast weights or anchors for industrial or marine applications. Various sizes are available, from 10 LB ice cube tray ingots to 70 LB large ingots, as well as different purity specifications.

Understanding Pig Lead and Lead Ingot:

Pig lead, also known as lead ingot, is essentially a mass of lead metal cast into a specific shape, typically resembling a piglet or loaf, hence the name. This form is ideal for its ease of handling and transportation, making it a convenient choice for various industries.


Mars Metal Supplies Lead Ingot & Pig Lead

Mars Metal provides a range of lead ingots tailored to meet diverse requirements. Whether you need standard-sized ingots or specific lead grades, Mars Metal has the expertise and capabilities to deliver solutions that precisely match your specifications.

Mars Metal can provide:

  • Lead ingots produced to ASTM B29-03 specifications for refined pure at 99.97% and pure lead at 99.94%.
  • Lead ingots that tweak the standard purity specifications to include very low sulfur at controlled levels.

Purity specifications like those listed above would be used in radiation shielding applications for interlocking lead bricks or nuclear quality pours, as well as extrusion lines that require a very consistent lead quality to achieve reliable repeat values.

*G2 ballast grade pig lead that would satisfy the requirements of the end user requiring a “heavy metal” lead ballast weight solution. *This material is produced to a 96.5% minimum purity lead level and may contain 1.5-3% Antimony (Sb) and .1-3.5% Tin (Sn).


Mars Metal is able to provide you with very specific lead grades such as:

  • Chemical Copper lead
  • Low sulfur
  • Low bismuth
  • Low silver pure lead
  • Various alloyed lead ingots produced to meet your specifications, such as 3% antimonial bullion (typically used for sailboat keels) or 6% antimonial bullion.

No matter the application or specifications, Mars Metal can provide a solution to fit your needs. Reach out to our team to discuss our options and make an order.

We accept Lead Ingot orders for a minimum of 500 lbs from commercial accounts to be used only in industrial, nuclear, medical, veterinary, scientific research, military, and national defence, and other applications.

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