Stackable Test Weight System for Jet Propulsion Laboratory

A jet propulsion laboratory located in California that carries out robotic space and Earth science missions was faced with the challenge of continuously renting weights to conduct yearly testing of their 19 lifting devices.

The Mars Metal Company was approached by the laboratory to solve this problem and provide a uniform solution that was stackable so the same weights could be used for all their testing. Mars Metal provided the laboratory with a steel stackable test weight system that eliminated the need to rent weights and worry about their availability.

Steel Stackable Test Weight System

Mars Metal designed by CAD provided the laboratory with a stackable system that allowed the use of varying weight plates to achieve multiple test increments which lowered costs.

The system incorporated the following test increments for the client:

The stackable test weights designed and manufactured by Mars Metal can achieve 19 different weight tests for a total of 55,000 lbs. All weights were blasted and prime painted to ensure a uniform product. The weights were then stamped with the actual weight and the nominal weight was stenciled.

The largest plate weighed 9,000 lbs and was 68.8” long, 58” wide, and 123 tall. The smallest plate weighed 60 lbs and was 15” long, 14.5” wide, and 4” tall.

Mars Metal completed this project within 4-weeks and provided door-to-door freight services to the customer. The stackable test weights fit perfectly with the needs of the laboratory and will last for a lifetime. The jet propulsion laboratory has drastically reduced costs and the weights Mars Metal provided will pay for themselves in just a few years.

Mars Metal Company, Speciality Casting Division works with our customers to design any configuration of stackable steel test weights. We offer a myriad of lifting options, including 360-degree access by forklifts, cranes, and overhead hoists. All test weights can be designed and manufactured to suit the individual handling requirements of a facility.

If you have any questions on steel stackable test weights, you can visit the Mars Metal website or contact us. We will help find the best solution for you.