Wyoming, USA: Hoist & Crane Company takes delivery of “Black Beauty” Stackable Test Weight System

Have a look a this “Black Beauty” stackable crane test weight system recently shipped to a hoist & crane supply and servicing client in Wyoming. This custom designed and fabricated unit consists of a lead filled steel bottom weight of 7,500 lbs. (49″x 49” x 13” and a 6’8″ high steel center post with lifting lug. There are eleven steel lead filled square donuts that drop over the center post weighing 5,000lb, 2,500lb and 1,250lb for a total testing weight of 51,250lbs with a +2% weight tolerance !

The test weights allows for forklift handling via forklift pockets or crane hook handling using lifting eyes. Each test weight includes stamped capacity and magnetic particle testing (NDT) has been done on the lifting lugs. To top it off this “Black Beauty” has been painted matte black and was shipped with approved engineering drawings.

For complex custom engineered lead casting and fabrication projects don’t hesitate to call the pro’s at Mars Metal !