25,000 lb Custom All Steel Test Weight Solution Delivered

Mars Metal Specialty Casting has just delivered 3 sets of Stackable Steel Crane Test Weights (25,000 lbs in total) to a heavy-duty custom winch manufacturer in Ontario. These winches are used in heavy industial, commercial marine and theatre applications, where continuous-duty and adverse conditions are constant considerations and where rigorous testing is required to certify product safety.

This first custom designed and fabricated test weight system consisted of a 1000 lb all steel base weight with a 5’4″ high steel center post and lifting lug. There was an additional 1000lb steel square weight that dropped over the center post plus four 500lb, two 250lb and four 125lb weights for a total testing weight of 25,000lbs with a +2% weight tolerance. Two more identical 10,000lb test weight systems were also provided consisting a 2000 lb all steel base, two 2000 lb, three 1000 lb and 2 500 lb removable weights.

The individual test weights allows for forklift handling via forklift pockets and crane hook handling using lifting eyes. Since there were no size constraints an all steel construction was selected because it was a lower cost solution than lead filled.

For complex custom engineered test weight projects don’t hesitate to call the pro’s at Mars Metal (800-381-5335) !