Mars Metal Custom Lead Castings & Quality Assurance

Mars Metal Company’s Specialty Casting Division has the capability to produce high precision castings to nuclear quality specifications, ensuring the maximum density possible from a lead casting. Whether you need a one-off casting or a production run, we can accommodate any quantity, from less than one pound to continuous pours of over 150,000 pounds.

Mars Metal Custom Lead Castings

We have done art castings using the lost wax process as well as very basic lead fills into provided canisters for simple “heavy metal” requirements. For more complicated projects, we offer pattern-making and mold making services to ensure the exact shape and weight you require. Additionally, we can supply machined all over parts in one-offs, production runs, and, if requested, we can provide finished parts painted to your specifications. Our sales and engineering staff are available to assist in all aspects of your project, from design to delivery.

At Mars Metal, we’re committed to providing world-leading products through increased testing, inspection, and quality assurance. We pride ourselves on delivering the most thorough testing and assurances available to our customers. All our tests or checks are performed by accredited or certified professionals and companies, and full documentation is prepared for each test.

Our quality assurance staff analyzes all documentation for variances and may implement corrective procedures during the manufacturing stages to guarantee all requirements have been met. We are certified to both ISO 9001:2015 and CSA N299.3-16, ensuring that our quality management system meets the highest standards.


Mars Metal Company’s Specialty Casting Division is an essential partner for all your custom casting needs. With our expertise in casting, pattern making, mold making, machining, and painting, we can deliver any project to meet your requirements. With our commitment to testing and quality assurance, you can be confident that our products will meet the highest standards.