Forklift Counterweights

“…Custom / OEM Forklift Counterweights made to your Exact Specifications”

MarsMetal designs and manufactures Forklift Counterweights to satisfy your specific requirements. Counterweights are used to secure a proper weight distribution and maintain stability, to prevent the vehicle from tipping over and to ensure the safety performance of the vehicle.

There are two main groups of forklift counterweights;

  • Bulk type specifically designed hollow body part at back end or between wheels that for space savings is typically lead filled.
  • Stack type: Cast metal housings / steel canisters or metal plates designed to stack onto a base plate. Stacking or removing enables configuration for maximum lift weight.

MarsMetal will work with you to design the specific forklift counterweight to meet your requirements or we can simply lead fill your predesigned / manufactured components.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in many design configurations
  • Lead filled counterweights for compact solutions (45% heavier by volume)
  • Molten lead fill to your desired weight specifications
  • All Steel counterweights for low cost solutions (490lb/cu ft)
  • Stackable counterweights or bulk component types
  • Steel and lead filled counterweight addition
  • Finishing and paint coat options


  • Complex lead counterweight castings for OEM’s
  • Counterweight additions to increase lift capacity / improve stability

See more information on our forklift counterweights here and feel free to contact our product engineering specialists at MarsMetal anytime for a consultation (800-381-5335).