Bridge Counterweights

“…Custom Bridge Counterweights made to your Exact Specifications”

MarsMetal designs and manufactures Bridge Counterweights to satisfy your architectural requirements. We can provided valuable input to architects and engineers in solving the complicated problems associated with the counterweights necessary to counterbalance lift and swing bridges. Sometimes these solutions require large production runs of individual weights that can be man-handled into place and sometimes they require very large, one-off castings moved into place with heavy lift material handling equipment.

MarsMetal will work with you to design the specific bridge counterweight to meet your requirements or we can simply lead fill your predesigned / manufactured steel housings.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom pattern / mold-making
  • Lead bridge weight casting
  • Lead bridge weigh fabricated housing fills
  • Steel canister / housing design & manufacture
  • Multiple finishing options
  • Compact counterweight solutions (lead 45% heavier by volume than steel)


  • Counterbalances for new lift and swing bridge construction
  • Solutions for lift / swing bridge renovations

See more information on our bridge counterweights here and feel free to contact our product engineering specialists at MarsMetal anytime for a consultation (800-381-5335).