Lift Equipment: Maintaining Safety

For all of us who own and operate Lifting Equipment, employee safety and regulatory compliance are ongoing concerns. We need to be able to certify safe working load limits and to pass periodic re-certification audits. Let us help.Autocrane

Mars Metal Company will work with you to design test weights that meet your requirements. Individual weights of different sizes can be designed to stack/nest in various combinations to achieve the desired weight load to test all the lifting devices in a facility. We fabricate steel canisters, lead fill, cap and paint them. The lead is fully encapsulated in steel. Each weight is then clearly labeled to ensure the correct combinations can be selected to suit your testing requirements.

Why lead fill? Lead is approximately 45% heavier than steel and more than 4.5 times heavier than cured concrete by volume. Lead offers an advantage in space savings of the relative size of the test weights. If size matters, Mars Metal’s lead filled test weights are your best choice.