CNC Machined Lead Parts

News Release
June 6th, 2014

Mars Metal Company now offers Precision 3D and CNC Machining of lead parts and lead plates, utilizing state of the art equipment and the latest CAD-CAM software. Many CNC machining companies are not willing to work with lead. Lead is our specialty. Access our large stock of over 300 tons of sheet lead, plate and ingots for immediate processing and custom cast shapes ready to machine.

We provide tight tolerance custom machining to your exact specifications. Whether you require less than 10 pieces or high-volume production runs of 1000s, we have the capability to meet your needs. Mars Metal has extensive experience handling lead. We can also handle other materials such as borated polyethylene and lead acrylic.

If required, for health and safety reasons, all machined parts can be environmentally coated to ensure no exposed lead. We offer several coating solutions such as epoxy based coating or powder coating. Every order is complete with quality packaging of the finished parts. We ensure all parts are labeled, wrapped and secured for expedited service worldwide.

Take advantage of our house Design Assist Team to support any of your machining requirements and prototype development. Our 35 years of commitment to customer service providing cooperative solutions has made Mars Metal Company a qualified leader in its field.

For more information on your custom part needs please contact:

David Holden
Sales Manager

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