Mars Metal manufactures custom lead test weights and ballast/counterweights for various industries such as material handling, elevator, forklift, aerospace, window, bridge, marine, and many other applications.

Benefits of Lead Weights:

Forklift_with_lead_counterweightSize Reduction: As lead is 45% more dense than steel, designers have greater design freedom using cast lead and will benefit from a reduction in overall size. Conversely, if required, the weight of the counterweight can be increased by 45% without increasing its size.


Customization: Our test weights can be made in many configurations: stackable, modular, or individual. They can also be designed to be picked up by crane hooks and/or by forklifts.

Fabrication: When required, we can fabricate steel canisters or containers, fill them with lead to desired weight, cap the pour holes, and prepare the fabrication for painting. We also provide painting services. From design through fabrication to paint, we can supply a finished product to meet your needs.

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